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What is The Crypto Project?

Cryptocurrency is a digital currency that has hit the world by storm over the last decade.

This innovative market is not only changing the future of currency exchange, but also the lives of individuals around the world.

Investing within the crypto market is allowing ordinary people, like you and I, to replace their income with returns on investments.

Understandably, the industry can be daunting for beginners and mistakes can certainly be costly.

No matter where you are at on your crypto journey, whether that be brand new to the industry or an experienced investor, this group will expand your knowledge within the crypto environment with exclusive advice, as well as provide a support network with like-minded individuals.

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"I've spent $1100 following your guys advice and I just hit $2500 today and also own my first NFT that's gone to 0.3ETH. You boys have literally changed my life."

"I'd just like to say a massive thank-you on your coin calls yesterday. I put in $1k and got a return of $2.5K overnight. Super impressed on how knowledgeable you guys are."

"I got in at $3.50 on Tuesday when you guys called it. I'm loving it so far, I'm up $2000 in the last 4 days."

"I'm in the group and bought at $4.10 and I watched it go from that to $6 in legit half an hour. My portfolio has gone up so much since I joined."

Jordan and Fraser are legendary. My mates and I that are in the group have made $1000's since joining.

Woke up to $1500 profit this morning. Joined the group literally a week ago. $200 in. Money honestly well spent, thank you boys for all your advice.

"I've spent $1100 following your guys advice and I just hit $2500 today and also own my first NFT that's gone to 0.3ETH. You boys have literally changed my life."

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Jordan Miller


Since a young age, I had an entrepreneurial passion. From flipping websites and shoes to running a Successful phone repair business.

​During the early years of crypto adoption, I was able to secure a few positions that today have allowed me to buy my first home and be financially free.

Having friends and family always asking for advice regarding crypto, I saw an opportunity.

Now instead of giving a few close people information, I now have the tools to provide advice to hundreds if not thousands of people hungry to grow and invest in this amazing life-changing market.

Fraser Henshall


I started investing in cryptocurrency when I was 16. I had my own phone repair company through school and had money sitting around that I decided to put to work.

Since obsessing over growing my networth from such a young age ive learnt many valuable things along the way that im greatful to have the opportunity to guide people with the same passion as me.

Crypto and investing has change my life at the young age of 20. I’m appreciative of the opportunities that have come my way. I’m excited to work with everyone to make their dreams possible.
Congratulations on taking your first steps to financial freedom with us. Bring on the 2023 BULLRUN.

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